Now Available: Third Edition of Global Patent Litigation Treatise

April 2019

The Global IP Project is pleased to announce the release of the the Third Edition of Global Patent Litigation: How and Where to Win. This comprehensive treatise helps multinational companies and their counsel answer critical questions when developing and implementing an effective global patent litigation strategy. The book examines the costs, risks, and benefits of patent litigation in the most litigious and commercially developed countries in the world. It contains objective patent litigation data, including time and cost to trial and patentee win rates, and provides a formula for putting a dollar value on filing a patent lawsuit anywhere in the world. The book also analyzes the procedural and substantive differences between different legal systems and includes distinctive “at a glance” charts allowing for clear cross-country comparisons. The Third Edition also adds new country chapters for Argentina, Chile, Greece, New Zealand, South Africa, and Spain.

Global Patent Litigation: How and Where to Win, Third Edition is available for purchase through Bloomberg Law, and is also electronically accessible via the Bloomberg Law portal (subscription required).

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